Automatic Wine Dispenser

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  • Easy Fast Aeration: The electric wine aerator can perfectly aerate the wine and deliver it directly to your wine glass with the touch of a button. It softens the tannins and enriches your wine, giving you a luxurious taste.
  • Easy Installation: Install the extension tube down below the aerator wine pour, then adjust the tube length and put it into the wine bottle, press the top button, and the wine will be delivered straight to your glass through the aerator channel.
  • Easy To Clean: No drips, spills, or splashes! Just insert the tube of the dispenser machine into the clean water and press the button, once the water is clear, the cleaning is done.
  • Energy Efficient: Our wine pourer needs to be loaded with 4 AAA batteries to use but compared to USB charging, 4 batteries can hold more than 3000 times the dispense button (press and hold for 4 seconds at a time), you can use our product for 40 bottles of wine aerated.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jackie May

The stylish design adds a touch of sophistication to my home bar.

Silver Simpson

The affordable price for such a high-quality product is a great value.

Bret Robles

The automatic wine dispenser is a game-changer for wine lovers.

Jaime Berry

The product is well-made and provides a smooth and effortless wine dispensing experience.

Glenn Rees

The adjustable pour size is a huge plus, allowing me to pour the perfect amount every time.